[Solved] .Com vs .Com.ng Domain  



.com vs .com.ng domain, which one do you think is better assuming you are targeting a Nigeria market?

The time is NOW!


Here is my advice:

If the .com is available, I advice you for the .com domain. You can always target a specific country using the Google webmaster tool.

The reason is that; aside the SEO benefits which some people claim it has, it also easier for users to remember and type in their browsers. And it looks more professional (to me at least).

This is not a big deal though. .com.ng is equally as good as .com (SEO wise) provided you are adding some quality contents to the site.

I think also that just .ng domain is even better if you are willing to pay much for a domain.

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Nice one. Thanks for that.

My pleasure.


I think people go for .com.ng because its cheaper...

I guess that's one of the reasons. Another reason could also be because the .com is already taken.


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