[Solved] What is the Cost of Starting and Running a Blog?  



Hello house, what is the cost of starting and running a blog, including hosting and domain purchase, the time involved and hidden cost?


Well that depends on the vision you have for the blog. Starting and running a blog can cost anything from 0 naira to thousands of naira. It is hard to give any definite figure.


Henry is absolutely correct, but to explain that further, your can start a blog for absolutely free with blogging platforms like Blogger.com or WordPress.com but these have their own limitations. For instance, your blog URL will be something like myawesomeblog.blogspot.com on Blogger and myawesomeblog.wordpress.com on WordPress.com.

However, you can add a custom domain to the above mentioned platforms and domain can cost anything from N200 to up to N20,000 depending on the domain extension, and may even cost more if your are buying an existing premium domain from someone.

You can also use content management systems (CMS) like WordPress (wordpress.org), Joomla to create your blog, however, unlike in the previous platforms mentioned, you will need to pay for hosting and purchasing a domain is a must. And this can cost anywhere from as cheap as N2,500 per year to as much as N100,000 or even more per year.

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Thanks for the answers.

So how do you advice I get started?


For me personally, I'm a fan of self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org) when it comes to blogging for some number of reasons. If you are willing to spend some money on your blog, I suggest you go with that.

You can checkout how to create a blog using WordPress here.

You can get affordable hosting from Nigeria hosting companies like DomainKing and Whogohost. You can also get affordable hosting from companies like GoDaddy and 1and1 using promotion codes. Annual hosting plans normally come with free one free domain.

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Thanks again.

You are welcome.


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