Facebook Post Engagement Ads vs Website Traffic Ads  


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It can be tough choosing between post engagement ads vs traffic ads on Facebook, especially when you ultimate goal is conversion (signup, sales etc).

Although both ad types are created for different objectives, they can also be used for the same purpose.

Here is an excerpt from PostPlanner post that clearly explained the difference between the two types of ads on Facebook:

The REAL difference between website-click & post-engagement ads

This could get tricky so pay especially close attention to this part.

My initial findings told me that if I want to generate leads or sales on my website, it doesn’t really matter whether I choose to run post-engagement or website-click ads.

While this is sometimes true, it's not always the case.

To make use of website-conversion ads, you need to know about the conversions that are happening on your site. Only then can you optimize your Facebook ads to show them to more people who are likely to convert.

If you don't have that conversion data, the best alternative is to either run website-click ads or post-engagement ads.

Earlier findings led me to believe that post-engagement ads could perform better than website-click ads.

After all, I was mainly concerned with generating conversions on my website, which meant that I needed traffic to the site.

But the quality of that traffic matters a lot.

Website-click ads may drive more traffic, but the traffic from post-engagement ads is higher quality.

To explore this hypothesis, I ran an experiment with 2 campaign objectives:

  • Post Engagement
  • Website Clicks

Each campaign had 2 identical ad sets. Each ad set had almost identical ads.

Why "almost identical" and not entirely identical?

Because I couldn't create an unpublished link post to promote with the post-engagement objective. So I used a slight variation.

The ad sets were used to target 2 different groups:

  1. Existing website visitors (excluding email subscribers)
  2. Fans of competitors (excluding email subscribers)

To maintain consistency, I didn't optimize any ads, which may explain why the cost per registration was high (but that’s not the key concern for this experiment).

All ads were created as unpublished posts. Here's what the post-engagement ad looked like:

And here's a shot of the website-click ad:

Note: the actual ads had the same colors, images & copy.


Here are the results (for those keeping score at home):

1. Website-Click Ad #1:

  1. Website clicks: 12
  2. Registrations: Zero
  3. Cost per registration: N/A

2. Website-Click Ad #2:

  1. Website clicks: 12
  2. Registrations: Zero
  3. Cost per registration: N/A

3. Page-Post Engagement Ad #1:

  1. Website clicks: 5
  2. Registrations: 2
  3. Cost per registration: $5.12

4. Page-Post Engagement Ad #2:

  1. Website clicks: 2
  2. Registrations: 2
  3. Cost per registration: $5.85

The website-click ads drove traffic to my site, but added no real value because they didn't convert any email subscribers.

Meanwhile, both post-engagement ads drove less website traffic but the visitors were more suited to my advertising objectives.

Fewer than half of the website visitors from the first ad converted. The conversion numbers on post-engagement ads were much higher.

In both cases, the results might not be statistically significant since the sample sizes were so small. The results might change if I had 5x or 10x the reach per ad.

That's why I chose to re-run these ads after I changed the copy & images to bring the ad cost down. I'll report back to you when I have newer results.

Since you might see different results on your page, earmark some ad spend to test whether page-post engagement or website-click ads work best for you.

You might find website-conversion ads to be the least effective.

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Great experiment.

For me personally, post engagement ads have worked best for me, though this can vary depending on your niche.


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