How to Optimize Your Site For Bing Search Engine  


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Google is the largest search engine in the world today therefore most search engine optimization tips focus on Google. In a way, this presents an opportunity to get traffic from search engines like Bing.

Bing is often neglected when it comes to SEO, but the truth is that Bing can bring you site a reasonable amount of traffic when you optimize well for it.

Bing has a reasonable share of users considering that some browsers like Internet explorer use bing as their default search and most users don't bother changing this.

Here are some tips you can use to optimize your site for Bing search:

1. Claim your business

 If your site is a business website, then just like on Google, you need to claim your business on both Bing and Yahoo to maximize local search results.

To do this, you need to visit Bing Places for Business and create or claim ownership over your business listing.

Yahoo’s local business search results utilize Bing’s business listings instead of its own, which show up as local business listings on a site called Yext.

2. Get your site indexed

The second thing you need to do is to get your site index in Bing search by adding it to Bing's Webmaster Tools.

Since Bing is now in the driver’s seat, Bing’s Webmaster Tools replaced Yahoo Webmaster Tools, so you have to submit your site to only one place for both search engines.

Here’s what it looks like:

First, you need to create a Bing login. You can use your Outlook (Hotmail if you’re grandfathered in from those days) or Microsoft login to do that.

Then, you can visit the Bing Website Submission page and fill out the forms as shown above to submit your website.

You’ll also need the URL address for the XML sitemap of your site.

Then, you need to verify ownership by copying and pasting the provided code into the proper section of WordPress.

Like anything Microsoft, Bing has an extensive set of instructions on how to do this on the Bing website.

Once you have everything registered, you should be indexed within a few minutes and start noticing traffic trickling in.

3. Tag and categorize your site

Like with any other search engine, tags and categories help make your content discoverable to the right audiences for the right searches.

WordPress makes adding tags and categories easy for each post and page created. These vital labels tell both robotic algorithms and human readers what to expect from the post, much like a title or header would.

Here’s what WordPress’s Tags and Categories look like:

4. Use SEO keywords in proper context

The usage of relevant keywords has proven an important search ranking factor in search engines across the board, and Bing is no different.

While factors such as internal links are less important in Bing than Google, relevant, contextual keywords are still vital. This is why blogging is one of the most widely used forms of content marketing in the business world today. Therefore you should pay attention to keyword optimization in your site.

5. Connect to social networks

Another method you should be using to help drive Bing search results is integrating social media into your SEO strategy.

You can link your social media accounts—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and more—to your blog to ensure every post is automatically promoted on those sites with backlinks.

There are many ways to do this. For WordPress, your can easily do this using Jetpack plugin. You can also do this using services like

6. Avoid black-hat techniques

As you well know, there are black-hat and white-hat SEO techniques. Black-hat techniques are tactics that, while may work, violate the search engine’s terms of usage and can get your website banned. White-hat techniques both work and follow the rules.

Don’t use black-hat SEO techniques on Bing as it’s not worth the risk.

These include keyword spamming, creating fake sites, and more.

7. Write great contents

I'm sure you must have heart of the phrase "content is king", well, Bing go by that rule as well. You need quality content to satisfy Bing's strict requirements.

Focus on writing contents with great values as this will help you get the ranking you want on Bing search engine. - No.1 Forum for blogger, webmasters and internet marketers in Nigeria.


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